Anonymous inquired What do you think of Jac and Frida gustavsson? I personally love them 💗

they were some if my favorites early on when I first started paying attention to fashion!

Anonymous inquired Is binx gay???

No idea!

Anonymous inquired Kate Bogucharskaia

so fucking gorgeous holy shit I don’t get why she isn’t more popular???

Anonymous inquired I don't like seeing ondria with binx. I don't like binx, I don't know why.

I don’t either. A friend of mine worked with binx over the summer and said she was honestly so ugly LOL

Anonymous inquired Magdalena Frackowiak and Anja Rubik?

Magdalena is easily one of the most beautiful models and is so versatile considering her career in hf but also for vs. Anja has great legs and is obviously gorgeous but she’s never been a favorite of mine!

Anonymous inquired Do you find Bette Franke, Daria Strokous, And Kasia Struss boring? They seem like meaningless runways fillers to me

Absolutely not!!!! Daria is an absolute icon and is so charming and professional, her beauty is timeless!!! Kasia is so much more than a filler because of the connections she made within the industry- everyone knows Kasia Struss. And Bette has had so many strong seasons that end in campaigns which proves she is not a filler either.

Anonymous inquired What do you think of Hana Soukupova and Eugenia Volodina

beautiful and talented models who were unfortunately over shadowed by other models of their time

Anonymous inquired If you could own any designer piece, what would it be?

one of the Marni fur coats from the fw14 collection

Anonymous inquired What do u think of the vs fashion show?

I think it needs to be terminated